“Today, a new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it.” - Anne De Lenclos
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Robin Saban with Aleksandar Bogdanovic, the Mayor of Cetinye, Montengro
Robin Saban with Aleksandar Bogdanovic, the Mayor of Cetinye, Montengro

Alex Hakobian recipient of the 2012 ISFFH Lifetime Achievement Award with Robin Saban, ISFFH Founder/President
Alex Hakobian with Robin Saban

Robin Saban with Travis Berger, Son of Howard Berger
Robin Saban with Travis Berger,
son of Howard Berger

Iris Yamashita with Robin
Iris Yamashita with Robin Saban

Robin with Ed Asner
Robin Saban with Ed Asner

Robin Saban with Michel Greenspan
Robin Saban with Michael Greenspan

Robin Saban with Mike Medavoy

Robin Saban with Sheriff Lee Baca

Robin Saban with A.C. Lyles

Hector Elizondo, Garry Marshall
and Robin

Robin Saban with Bonnie Bruckheimer

Lainie Kazan, Robin Saban
and Beverly Garland

The Cast of Chubby Chaser
Sean Davidson, Robin Saban,
Andy Forrest, Lela Altman, Sharon King
and Jayne Entwistle



We will find celebrities for your exclusive events around the world! Send us the nature of your event and we will find celebrities for you including Musicians, Bands, Actors, Comedians, Motivational Speakers, Activists and more…
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2014 ISFFH Call for Entries!

For entry forms and more information, please visit

2014 ISFFH Call for Entries!


International Student Film Festival Hollywood



2013 ISFFH Montage

Amazing work from the next generation of filmmakers! See clips from the 11th annual International Student Film Festival Hollywood.



"Los Angeles is a very hard city to live in. If you are not beautiful and a size zero girl; or if you are a guy and not driving a nice car or fabulous, you will have trouble being part of the game."
A New Comedy Created by
Robin Saban

Let’s Laugh With ISH & The Gang

Our street smart entrepreneur, Ish, opens a gym while struggling with his fetish for chubby women. He doesn’t want to get into hot water with his customers, yet he has surrounded himself with his "ideal" women. So he decides to give himself a fresh start in his life and in his business by seeking the professional help of a therapist. He gives it a good shot, but to no avail. He manages to build his relationships with the gym regulars as well as his employees without revealing his secret to anyone but Laura, his trusted confidant.

A Documentary Film
We must embrace each other with love, respect, dignity, and integrity. If we want the world to be a better place for the next generations, we should do whatever we can to make voiceless people heard.

We are looking for people, organizations or companies to help us bring this humanitarian issue to the surface by funding and supporting this project.

For more information contact Robin Saban.


Artists with an International Flair

It is my distinct pleasure to share with you the work of these exceptionally talented artists. Each has a very unique style and view of the world which they express through their art. When I met these artists, I saw the limitless potential in their work. These are extraordinary people with rich and diverse cultural backgrounds. Mr. Turgut Ozdemir and Mr.Saim Dursun are from Turkey, and Ms.Shan Shan is from China. It is with these thoughts in mind and much inspiration and dedication, that I present to you the extraordinary art of my treasured friends, Shan Shan, Turgut and Saim.
- Robin Saban




Chubby Chaser

International Student Film Festival Hollywood

Chubby Chaser

Turkish Journal


NoHo Arts

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